We chose Sunrise because of the:

  • space –it’s large; other places they learn only how to use their elbows
  • artwork upon the walls – lots from happy kids
  • drama – on stage not bad behavior (☺)
  • music – always singing
  • activities – always outside and playing well together
  • food – freshly prepared, cooked and healthy
  • diversity of parents and children – from many corners of the globe
  • teachers – always listening
  • accommodation – they took our 2 and 3 year olds together and they spent 4 and 3 happy years at Sunrise
  • language – every child benefits from early English exposure
  • results – they have a great record for having kids accepted into schools

Sunrise was our best choice and we have no regrets. We just went back to enjoy the end of year performance even though we have no formal connection now. We – children and parents – want to go back every year.

Graham and Riitta Lees

“After trying three different standardized state-run kindergartens, I feel that Sunrise Kindergarten was the right choice for my children and for us, as parents. The difference is striking. In my experience of state run kindergartens, there is a pre-packaged ‘take it or leave it’ program, at Sunrise, I have always been able to communicate with the teachers about what adjustments in schedule, food, and curriculum would be appropriate for my children. Sunrise is flexible, and very inclusive towards us parents, proactively contacting us

The flexibility and inclusiveness of the daycare, I believe, stems from the core philosophy of the daycare – which is to respect all. The approach is very practical, and stems from experience – children participate in cooking, are given freedom to express themselves, and even participate in setting their own code of conduct! They are taught to be open-minded and respect all differences. I feel that my children have been shown acceptance and respect for who they are, and as a result, they never shy away from conversations with other children and adults alike; they never have difficulties making new friends; they want to help out at home. The daycare is also very music and performance oriented, which isn’t immediately apparent from the marketing. The kids put on an hour long song, dance and theater show twice a year! So of course, my kids are constantly singing and dancing at home.

I warmly recommend Sunrise Kindergarten to any parent who places any importance at all on being included in the planning of your child’s activities, home-cooked meals, healthy life-habits, and nurturing confident children.”
Valisa Krairiksh

We chose Sunrise to be our daughter’s kindergarten because the kindergarten offers the children a lot of indoor space and many different rooms to explore. We also liked that the kindergarten is very close to the outdoor playground and the forest and there are no big roads that children need to cross. The home-made and healthy food made with love in the kindergarten kitchen was of high priority and our daughter still talks about “The Best pizza ” served every Friday. Our daughter loves Sunrise, the teachers and all her friends from different corners around the world. We were all so pleased with the nice atmosphere, friendly staff and the great philosophy behind the education and therefore Sunrise Kindergarten is our obvious choice for our younger son as well.Daniela & Hans